With the recent Covid-19 restrictions in place and the resultant increased time spent at home, you might be considering a basement renovation to add more functional space to your home.  A dark utility space can be transformed into a family recreational area, a play space for the kids, an organized storage space, an office space or an extra bedroom for family or guests. 

During this working-from-home period, the creation of a designated office space in the basement keeps your work more productive by being secluded away from the activity of the rest of the house.  Installing storage shelves for your files and office supplies will streamline your office space. 

Renovating an existing basement-laundry space can allow you to position your appliances for most efficient use.  Built-in open-faced cabinets will help you keep the space organized. Add clothing racks and a countertop near your washer and dryer to make hanging and folding clothes more convenient.

Thinking of the basement as a recreational area, the space can become a games room, home theater or arts and crafts studio. Wall shelving units, ample closet storage and room organization keep resources and supplies close at hand

If you are looking forward to the time when we can once again invite overnight guests to your home, consider a basement guest suite to give them their own personal space.

You can consider a renovation ranging from a simple makeover to a complete basement remodel.  Basement renovation costs vary according to the condition of your current basement and the quality of your preferred materials, finishes and basement upgrades.

In the case of this homeowner, the original basement was an unfinished utility-type space that evolved into a fresh, welcoming and convenient living space for a family member.  The basement walls were reframed and the outside walls insulated.  A new ceiling was constructed, with the introduction of a ceiling fan vented to the outside.  Tile backer was applied to shower walls and a one-piece acrylic shower unit with integrated seat was installed.  A new comfort-height toilet and 24” vanity cabinet were added.  Floor tiles replaced carpeting in the bathroom.  All walls were drywalled and painted, and baseboards completed the look.

If you don’t already have a finished basement, think of it as an untapped source of valuable living space that adds to the livability and functionality of your home.  If you already do have a finished basement, is it being used to its best advantage?   Let’s talk about it!