It is no secret that we are in the era of multimedia where computer, entertainment, security and comfort-control systems can be integrated, providing us with total control of our home and business at any time.  This is something to consider when planning your kitchen, bathroom, or interior home renovation.  Kestle Interiors has worked with Custom Home Electronics, both in our showroom and with our clients, to improve comfort, enhance entertainment, improve operating efficiencies and provide security.  They can customize your home to automate just about anything, no matter how old or new your home is! 

Perhaps you might want to start out with your entertainment system.  Custom Home Electronics has access to a full range of customized products, including theatre seating, special lighting, in-wall and hidden speakers and motorized technology for screens, projectors, TV lifts and blinds.  They can make recommendations and assist you with wireless technology, networking, telephone and security. They will be involved from pre-wiring your upcoming project, to retro-fitting existing home locations, to mounting your new system, including set up and programming.  Give Custom Home Electronics the opportunity to customize your home!!