So Very Impressive!

While pursuing kitchen contractors for my renovation, I spent time with various consultants and independently talking to the contractors themselves.

Jon Kestle was so engaging, caring and knowledgeable on our introductory meeting I wished instantly I had approached him first, saving me tons of time and effort. 

My experience gets even better with Jon, however. When I fully appreciated the extent of what Jon and his team could offer, including building a house from the ground up, I replaced my current project manager, who was too fond of saying "it can't be done" with Jon as I needed a "can do" personality along with synergy between the kitchen and other rooms on the main floor that were part of the renovation.  Walls came down, HVAC and plumbing were relocated, electrical was rewired and of course the cabinets and island installed.  It was big job made to look easy.

Jon and his crew were clean beyond compare. Every day ended with vacuuming of the entire work area. The crew was polite, considerate, engaging and above all so very talented. They made magic happen and they did so under eight weeks. So very impressive!

I could not be more happy with the end result. The compliments are never ending.

My next project is the ensuite and there is no other consideration for this project but Jon and his team.  

Kitchen Renovation, Newmarket
Kitchen Renovation