This video shows the process of digital templating for one of our recent countertop installations using the Prodim templater. This high-tech laser device simplifies the measuring process and ensures accuracy.

Templating is the process of developing a countertop template that will allow the fabricator to know the exact measurements of your new countertop. Without a template, the fabricator would not have an accurate shape or measurements. Prior to the emergence of digital templating, templating was done solely by manual measurement, cutting sheets/strips of vinyl or cardboard that were pieced together to create the template. The template would subsequently be mounted on the solid surface prior to cutting the stone.

With this laser technology, the templater is measuring with a wire that has a metal measuring pen at the end that marks the relevant points. These points are directly translated into a digital file which can be entered into a CNC machine, a computer-controlled cutting machine used for various materials, including granite, porcelain and quartz.

What a difference this invention out of the Netherlands has made to templaters and fabricators in the last decade!