If you are starting to plan for your kitchen renovation, perhaps you should consider a built-in combination convection-steam oven.  One of our clients has just had one installed and absolutely loves it!!!   Steam ovens seem to be the answer for those health-conscious consumers, who prefer to cook in a ‘cleaner’ way without oils/smoke.  Cooking with steam retains flavour, texture, colour and more nutrient value of foods.  It lets you reheat food without losing moisture, and as steam conveys heat more quickly than dry heat, cooking can be quicker.  These ovens can be plumbed in, or you can opt to purchase a unit with movable water tank that can be filled and used for an entire cooking cycle.

Not only does convection-steam oven cook vegetables and fish beautifully moist, but also works well for pastries, bread and meat.  Thermadorsays “Cook a 14lb turkey in just 90 minutes in the oven’s Steam Convection mode. Golden on the outside; moist on the inside. Dry meat is a thing of the past”.  Having a combination convection-steam oven doesn’t mean you always must cook using steam. You can also choose to operate as a traditional hot air/convection oven.

The cost of these ovens can be high in comparison to a more conventional oven, however, the cooking results are amazing and may be worth considering if your budget allows.  Embarking on a new year might be the time to think about integrating a new cooking method in your kitchen!